Phase-III Polls: Know The Issues On Which Capital City Voters Have Voted Today

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Bhubaneswar: Elections are the holy grail of a democracy and for a country like India with 90 crore eligible voters, the event becomes even more imposing.

On Tuesday, when Odisha went into the third phase polls, OMMCOM NEWS team caught up with the electorate of Bhubaneswar and tried to grasp what elections mean to them. And also which issues count. The excerpts:

A first-time voter from Unit IX Ayesha Pradhan is very excited to cast her vote. I feel privileged with the feeling that my opinion and my vote matters. I will vote for someone who would stand by us at the time of need.

NK Dora, a resident of Airfield area said there are multiple issues before a voter. "I am employed but very worried about the youths who are not earning. The problem of unemployment has turned into a menace. The political leaders should come up with a permanent solution and an environment to address this concern."

For Babaji Giri of Unit IX area, farmers interests matter. "Farmers are the community for whom we sruvive. The party which prioritises the well-being and welfare of farmers, I am going to vote for it," he said.

"I keep pondering over the holistic growth of my society, the progress of my state and overall development of the nation. For the assembly elections I ensure to vote for the candidate and not the party," said Chittaranjan Biswal of Pokhariput.

"There are many issues which should be considered and calculated before one goes to vote. For me it is the security of my state and the nation which matters," Arun Kumar Prusti of Palaspali said.

All said and done, in 2014 the voter turnout in Bhubaneswar was a despairing 46 percent. However, with all awareness and persuasion in place, the stakeholders have pinned their hopes with the youths.

"We expect a large number of first-time voters to lift the voting percentage," a political analyst said.