PET Teacher Involved In Sexual Relation With Girl Students, Audio Tape Goes Viral

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11 December 2017

Utpal Sahoo

Nayagarh: An audio tape between a girl student and the wife of a physical education training teacher of a Nayagarh-based college has gone viral on social media.

The audio revealed alleged immoral activities of the PET teacher which included forcing students (girls) into physical relations. In the audio, the wife of the teacher is heard, inquiring from the student about the alleged acts of her husband.

“I have been subjected to mental torture for the past eight years in marriage with this man. How could your conscience not prick by allowing a man to flirt with students, the hostel girls,” the teacher’s wife said, while speaking to the student over phone.

The student on the other hand, repeatedly pleads innocence and blames the teacher of bearing a perverted mind.

A girl disclosed that a friend told her that the teacher had established physical relation with her inside a bathroom on the premises of the educational institution.

Later the teacher took the girl student to his house and was involved in sexual acts with her, taking advantage of his wife’s absence.

“Ma’am we all student know that you are a nice person and a responsible wife. We were shocked and disheartened when we came to know about the attitude and nature of Sir,” she responded to the woman.

During an elaborate conversation between the two, the woman specifies multiple instances of her husband’s involvement with girls.