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Patnagarh MLA’s Kangaroo Court: Rescued JE Denies Abduction, Admits Sit-Ups, Slap By EE On MLA’s Order

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07 June 2019


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Bolangir: In the deplorable incident of Patnagarh MLA’s kangaroo court on June 5, the video of which went viral followed by filing of FIR by the victimized PWD Junior Engineer (JE)’s wife, the rescued JE in his media reactions has denied abduction but has admitted the extremely humiliating sit-ups and slap by Executive Engineer (EE) on the MLA’s order.   

Recounting the horrendous experience, the tortured JE told media persons that on June 5 (Wednesday) Patnagarh MLA had convened a review meeting at the Patnagarh IB. Discussion was held on the ongoing projects and the completed ones in the presence of Executive Engineer (EE).

After discussion, the MLA told that he would inspect all the roads. But, the EE informed that he wouldn’t be available from June 7 to 17. This vexed the MLA and he burst that he was being avoided and wanted to inspect on that very day. It was around 12-1 pm and the MLA inspected Patnagarh-Tikirapada road patch and Belpada-Nuapada road stretch in presence of the EE. After that the EE ordered the JE to rush immediately to Belpada from the IB as his patch of road was also to be inspected, he informed.

Thus, the JE boarded a bus from Patnagarh and reached Belpada College Chhak. From Belpada College Chhak, he boarded the EE’s vehicle and had been to the inspection spot. The MLA inspected the thickness of the road concrete. Everything was okay, but he complained about low quality work and remarked that he (JE) needed punishment. He ordered him (JE) to do sit-ups for 100 times, he admitted.

He further admitted, “Apprehending that the general public present there might thrash me if I wouldn’t comply, I had to do. After that the MLA ordered our Executive Engineer sir to slap me or else the public would thrash. Executive Engineer sir was compelled to slap me once.”

Bursting into tears, the JE rued, “I was extremely in deep shame. We left the place in a Scorpio with our Executive Engineer to Khaprakhol, Harishankar site inspection. At about 8-8.30 pm in the night, Executive Engineer left. As there was no bus communication facility by that time from Khaprakhol to Patnagarh, I decided to return to Belpada in the vehicle of party workers. As my official quarter is under construction, I went to Khariar with my two known persons among the party workers of the MLA.”

“Yesterday, MLA sir brought me back home. My wife then informed the police station in writing that she got back me. From Khariar I returned to Belpada in the MLA’s vehicle at night. From Belpada I returned Patnagarh with police over 12.30 am in the night,” explained the JE.  

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Rescued Junior Engineer