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20 January 2020


Bhubaneswar: Students at SAI International School and SAI International Residential School were highly inspired and motivated after listening to the 3rd edition of ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020’ addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, aired at the respective schools in Bhubaneswar on Monday.

Komal Krishna Senapati of Class XII said, "Shri Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister spoke about depression in children because of cut-throat competition. He also spoke about mood off – how true. Many times, we feel mood off but don’t know why. He said we first need to understand why our mood is off and there lies all the answer. He spoke about self-control."

Prakriti Mohanty of Class X said, "Our Prime Minister advised us not to get carried away by social media rather embrace technology for enhancing our knowledge horizon in a positive way. It is true social media is taking away a lot of time and we need to have a control on that. How well he said that all members though sit together but they are not together as they are all busy with their own phones. We need to have technology-free time."

Shrushti Mohanty of Class XII said, "The way our Prime Minister spoke on Rights and Duties of students, it really appealed me. I and my friend were amazed to know that people in Arunachal Pradesh greet each other by saying ‘Jai Hind’, which speaks volumes about their dedication to the nation and being proud of being an Indian."

Orissa Lee Patnaik of Class X said, "How well the Prime Minister of India portrayed that ‘Every failure is a step towards success’, by giving an example of launching of the Chandrayaan II. He said Biphalta se Safalta that means we should not lose hope if we do not achieve success, rather we can take that as learning and move ahead."

Aditya Khanna of Class X said, "I learnt, ‘balance is the key to success’. Shri Narendra Modi specified that we need to maintain balance between studies and extracurricular activities, which in fact we do at our school, but hearing from such a big man has inspired me more. I also liked when he said that marks in exams is not everything in life, we need to have focus and faith in ourselves which is the key to success. He really understands us and thinks about us."

Anurag Patnaik of Class XII said, "He spoke about the victory of Indian cricket team over Australia in 2001 and how the power of positive thinking and motivation changed the entire scenario. India was losing but it did not lose hope rather it fought back and won the match."