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Papu Pom Pom Lands In Trouble Again After Releasing Misogynistic Film Poster

17 August 2019


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Bhubaneswar: Women tied to a lease being controlled by a man is by no means an approvable thought. When women are finally finding the voice to put forth their opinions and narrate their stories, this despicable thought of women being run by men has been turned into a film poster here and has taken female empowerment by a step back.

And the face of the poster is none other than Papu Pom Pom alias Tattwa Prakash Satpathy, who is looking to make a comeback in Odia film industry. Notably, Papu had been accused of sexually harassing a 16-year-old girl in a casting couch incident.

The poster shows Papu controlling seven girls on a lease. The film titled ‘Mr. Kanhaiya’ draws the main lead’s similarity with how Lord Krishna used to control the horses that pulled his chariot. Ever since the poster was released on social media, it has been receiving widespread backlash and criticism.

Ace sprinter Dutee Chand said, “The poster is very misogynistic. All of Papu’s movies and songs like ‘Bhauja Prema Meetha’ are derogatory towards women. I also think that producer and director should be held accountable in this case. Such action degrades the Indian society and young girls become subject to more harassment and sexual slurs.”

Dilip Hali, Odia film critic said, “One thought that Papu would become a better person after his last case was taken to the Court. But, there is no improvement. In fact, he has become worse. I would also like to question that why were the girls agreeing to such a concept.”

“Then, comes the role of Censor Board. Was the poster taken to Censor before being released? If it was, then how did they let such a poster get through,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, Papu’s fans supported the poster and said that it was as a result of artistic expression and freedom. On the other hand, some said that it was fan-made poster. Soon after the backlash, woman activist Linkan Subudhi filed a FIR against the film producer, director and Papu Pom Pom at Bhubaneswar Mahila Police Station. A response from the other side is still awaited.

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Dutee Chand, Ace Sprinter

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Dilip Hali, Odia Film Critic