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Papu Pom Pom Apologises For 'Mocking' Singing Sensation Ranu Mandal

28 August 2019


Bhubaneswar: "If I have hurt someone's sentiment, I beg for an apology." Bragging this phrase has become a regular affair for Ollywood comedian Tatwa Prakash Satpathy aka Papu Pom Pom.

Whether his acts and statements are out of ignorance or stage-managed for publicity, remains a big question. However, these repeat blunders, followed by apologies, are not being taken lightly by people on the social media, for the least.

A case in point is the mockery of Internet singing sensation Ranu Mandal who has bagged unprecedented accolades in a short time. After mimicking Ranu over a Tik Tok video Papu was quick to beg for pardon.

A day after this sham video went viral on social media, Papu released another video in which he sought apology. According to the comedian who recently recovered from serious ailments, he was trying to popularise Ranu 'even more'.

"It was an attempt by me to make Ranu Mandal even more popular. This was a small effort for an artist by an artist. Please do not find faults and paint a bad picture out of it," he said.