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Pakistan Player Suspension: Action Unfair, Hockey Is A Man’s Game & Injuries Happen, Says Pak Team Manager

07 December 2018

Bikash Das

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Bhubaneswar: Following an incident at the 40th minute of the game between Malaysia and Pakistan on Wednesday, Pakistani player Ammad Butt has been suspended for one match by the FIH Technical Delegate.

He was suspended after he was in a rough tackle with Malaysia's Faisal Saari while rushing to defend a penalty corner in the 40th minute of the game. The Malaysian team then lodged a complaint to the FIH against Butt. The match had ended in a 1-1 draw.

Team manager Hassan Sardar said, “The tackle was not intentional. It was not dangerous hockey. Any player would have reacted the same way. He even tried to save himself and the Malaysian player. So, I think the suspension is not fair. One of our player Abu Bakr was also injured and even got stitches due to profuse bleeding, but we never took any action. This game of hockey is a man’s game. Injuries are a part and parcel of it. Also, all the players are friends. They would never play rough and intentionally hurt one another.”

In another setback, Pakistan captain Muhammad Rizwan has also suffered a fracture in the small finger of his right hand and has been ruled out of the tournament. With two best players of the Pakistan team being unavailable ahead of the most important clash against Netherlands that will decide which team qualifies for crossovers, the Pakistani team might suffer some setback.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan head coach said they have followed procedure and lodged an appeal for which they also deposited $600, the amount required for the appeal. The FIH appeal jury will convene on Saturday and will communicate the appeal decision when available.

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Hassan Sardar, Manager, Pakistan Team

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