Opinion Of Bhubaneswar Denizens On Ayodhya Verdict

09 November 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

Bhubaneswar: After the landmark judgement of the Supreme Court on the Ayodhya land title dispute, OMMCOM NEWS met with people of both Hindu and Muslim community in the State Capital to catch their reaction.

"We Hindus and Muslims have been living together in India. I believe our Muslims brothers will respect the Supreme Court verdict," said Pramod Das. Another denizen Khetrabasi Pradhan opined that the verdict should pass off in a disciplined and peaceful manner.

"There is no second opinion in the judgement of the court," said Sheikh Arshad. Similarly, Sheikh Aruddin said, it doesn't matter if a Temple or Mosque is built at the site; the judgement of the apex court should be respected.

Senior journalist Prabhu Kalyan Mohapatra opined that the judgement of the Supreme Court is significant as it has brought a 70-year-old dispute to an end. It is a balanced judgement to content both the parties keeping in view not to hurt their sentiments and respect their dignity. 

Secularism and universal brotherhood is an important aspect of our constitution and tradition. People of all religion can reside peacefully in our country. The Supreme Court judgement is meant to establish a balance in society so there is no need to consider as a victory or defeat, he added.

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Prabhu Kalyan Mohapatra, Senior Journalist