Odisha Youths Run Free Kitchen For Cyclone-Hit Monkeys

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28 May 2019


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Puri: Cyclone FANI has not only devastated the lives of millions of people across Odisha, but it has also caused massive destruction to forests which are the abode of many species of birds and animals.

Absence of food, water and shelter has put the animals at risk. One such sight of a monkey struggling to find food caught the attention of a Binayak Patra in the most affected Puri district.

Patra saw the monkey feeding on sand and grass to quench its hunger. While relief was being provided to people across the district, Patra along with some youths arranged for around 10 kg rice and cooked food for the primates and other animals.

It has been around 10 days that Patra and team are running the free kitchen for the animals in the area and planning to continue it till the arrival of monsoon.

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Binayak Patra