Odisha: Youth Volunteer Group Gives Ailing Man In Cuttack A New Lease Of Life

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19 February 2019

Bikash Sharma

Cuttack: A mentally unstable man with a maggot infested wound has been infused with fresh lease of life by a youth volunteer initiative ‘Jay Jagannath Group’. In the name of Lord, the youngsters came forward to lend support to the helpless man, who was lying abandoned in Jobra square of silver city Cuttack.

According to sources, the man has lost his mental stability and had no family support. He was living on the roadside without any food or clothes to provide him shelter. He had also injured his left elbow in a road mishap and with no proper medical aid, the wound had been infected with maggots and pus.

The man with no name or address, was quietly living his difficult life when the volunteers of Jay Jagannath group came to his rescue. On intimation, founder of the group Siba Shankar Dash, Secretary Rajendra Kumar Patra and few other members rushed to the spot and rescued the man.

After giving him a proper bath, the man was dressed in clean clothes and his rough beard was shaved. He was also given a haircut, his nails were clipped and he was given food. The members then attended to his injured elbow with first aid and properly dressed the wound.

That is not all, as some members even agreed to take full care and responsibility of the ailing man till he completely recovers. Truly, it is stories like these put people’s faith back in humanity and compassion.

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