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Odisha: Woman Allegedly Molested In Bhadrak’s Private Nursing Home

23 September 2019


Bhadrak: A young woman, who had given birth to a son few days back in a private nursing home of Bhadrak, alleged that she was molested by a staff member of the clinic. 

“The person who was on rounds for regular check-up last night, sent my husband to fetch an injection for me. He sent my mother with my son outside saying that he wanted to examine me. Then when no one was around me, he locked the room and started molesting me. He was heavily drunk and did not listen to my pleas. My stiches were hurting but he continued his act. I shouted and my mother banged at the door. Afraid, he opened the door and left the room immediately,” cried out the new mother.

The woman had a caesarian delivery few days back in the same nursing home. 

Her husband initially informed the owner of the nursing home, but no action was taken against the accused. So, he lodged an FIR at the Town PS. The police detained the accused and have started the investigation. 

OMMCOM NEWS tried to contact the owner of the nursing home but he remained incommunicado.


Victim's Husband