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Odisha: Water Level Rises In Hirakud Reservoir

09 August 2019


Bhubaneswar: Following incessant heavy rainfall, water level of Hirakud reservoir in Odisha increased in upper catchment area of Mahanadi River. As per reports, the water level touched 608.33 ft against the 630 ft limit mark.

At present, water inflow into the reservoir is over one lakh lakh cubic feet. On Thursday, the upper stream of Mahanadi River recorded 86.37 mm rainfall and 65.75 mm rainfall in lower catchment area.

Earlier, the dam authorities had issued an advisory stating people to remain alert and limit their activity near Mahandi river bed as gates might be opened at any time as soon as the water goes up the warning level. The siren near the spillway will sound alert for three times- first for 2 minutes followed by two times for 30 seconds each with an interval of 20 seconds in the middle.