Odisha: Watch The Incredible Journey Of Malkangiri Teachers

30 October 2019


Malkangiri: Teachers of Dhakadpadar village and Andrapli panchayat’s CRCC brave the overflowing river and difficult terrain to reach their school for imparting education to the tribal children in the cut off areas of Malkangiri.

With no life jackets, boats or any other safety measures, the teachers Umakant Das, Sanyasi Patra and Kodey Manguli have accepted this obstacle in their daily routine. The river has no bridge and the teachers wade through the knee-deep water with just ‘lau tumba’ (pot like thing) tied to their waist.

With no other option, the teachers have shown solidarity in imparting education in spite of all the hindrances in this difficult and Naxal-affected terrains. The inspiring journey of these teachers, and many others facing similar difficulties ensure that the students do not miss any class or lag behind in their education.

Talking to media, Malkangiri district collector Manish Agarwal said, “I laud the efforts of teachers and health workers who do their duties in spite of all the difficulties, never compromising in it. We are thinking of recognising their efforts, and in the meantime, our focus is on the long term development of the infrastructure of that area.”

He further clarified, “We are working on these areas, trying to figure out the construction of roads and bridges there for its development. We have even submitted the list of projects to be carried out there, and will soon work on it.” 

It is worth mentioning that the cut off areas have been now renamed as ‘Swabhimaan’ areas by CM Naveen Patnaik last year.

Manish Agarwal, Collector, Malkangiri