Argument Over Parking Issue Turns Violent, Youth Beaten With Cricket Bats

07 February 2020


Berhampur: In a video that is equally shocking and vile, a group of youths is seen brutally attacking another with cricket bats over a minor issue of parking.

As per the police report, the incident occurred on January 28. One Sunil Maharana with his mother had gone to attend a wedding function and had parked his bike outside the mandap. Sunil had an altercation with a local youth named Raja Mishra regarding parking of his motorcycle.

Allegedly, Raja verbally and physically assaulted him. Enraged, Sunil along with three of his friends attacked Raja with cricket bats which resulted in latter getting critically injured.

Now the whole incident was caught in a CCTV camera placed nearby. It can also be clearly seen that several people were eye witness to the whole incident but none came forward to stop the fight.

The Berhampur police accepted complaints from both parties and arrested Sunil, Ashish Maharana, Pintu Behera, Kalia Sahoo and the severely injured Raja.