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Odisha: Truck Owner Pays Over Rs 6 Lakh Fine For 7 Violations At Sambalpur, Highest Yet

14 September 2019


Sambalpur: A Nagaland truck owner on August 10 was fined a staggering amount of Rs 6,53,100 for seven road rule violations and the matter came to light on Saturday. With that, he had probably become the first truck owner in India to pay such a hefty price for traffic rules violation. And this was before the new Motor Vehicle Act (2019) was implemented.

As per reports, one Dilip Karta was stopped and documents checked at 4.56 pm on August 10 during a routine checking in Sambalpur. Traffic Inspector Hari Hara Sadangi noted that the truck was causing unnecessary obstruction and was also carrying passengers in a goods truck.

Upon further inspection, Inspector Sadangi found out that the truck had several other necessary papers lacking. He imposed a total fine amount of Rs 6,53,100 on the truck bearing number NL0807079 on accounts of:

1. General offence: 100

2. Disobedience of orders/ obstruction: 500

3. Violating air/noise pollution: 1000

4. Carrying passenger in goods vehicle:5000

5. Using vehicle without permit: 5000

6. Plying without insurance: 1000

7. Tax from 21-7-2014 to 30-9-2019: 640500

The total challan amount came at Rs 6,53,100. While this in itself broke all records; one can only imagine the total fine amount if the truck would have been caught after the implementation of the new MV Act

The truck belongs to Shailesh Shankar Kumar Lal Gupta of Bethel Colony, Phek Town in Nagaland.

On September 8 another truck from Nagaland had been fined Rs 86,500; which was the highest after the new MV Act came into force.

Padmanabha Behera, Minister, Commerce & Transport, Odisha