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10 February 2019


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Sundergarh: Over three years of research and toil went into making a smart helmet that will not let a rider start the bike if the person is not wearing safety gear. In addition to that, the bike will also not start if the rider has consumed alcohol. Aiming to curb road mishaps, a science teacher named Sanjay Naik of Tangarpali block in Sundergarh has developed a ‘smart helmet’ that has grabbed Odisha’s eyes.

Looking like any other ordinary black helmet, this safety gear has extraordinary features. It is fitted with three sensors- helmet sensor ensures that the two-wheeler will start only if the rider has worn a helmet; alcohol sensor ensures that rider is not in an inebriated condition’ and the accident sensor sends location message to as many as 17 persons in case the rider meets with an accident.

Sanjay Naik, the inventor said, “Accidents have increase because a lot of people are drinking and driving. On top of that, they are not wearing helmets as we.. To reduce deaths by road mishaps, I invented the smart helmet. It can be made in Rs 3000 and can be assembled in two hours.”

A demo of the helmet has also impressed road safety officials. Sundergarh Motor Vehicle Inspector (MVI), Ramdas Tudu said, “I have seen smart helmets earlier but this particular one has alcohol sensor and GPS tracking system which were never seen before. If this helmet is used by the bikers judiciously, then it will definitely decrease the number of two-wheeler accidents.”

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Ramdas Tudu, MVI, Sundargarh

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Sanjay Naik,Inventor, Sundargarh

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