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11 December 2019


Nuapada: In these times when rapes and sexual assault on  women are on the rise, the old adage 'necessity is the mother of invention' has once again been proved to be true with the invention of a device that will protect women from sexual predators by giving them a jolt of 220 volts.

Lachhman Dhundi, a village lad, a student of 3rd year Physics in Lok Drusti College in Khariar block in remote Nuapada district of Odisha has built an electronic device that can be worn by women to protect themselves against attackers.

"My objective behind developing this device is to protect women from sexual predators. The recent incidents of rape in our State, Andhra and UP provoked me to develop this device. Women and young girls can fend off their attackers by using this device which will give the attacker an electric shock of 220 volts," said Dhundi.

"Women need to wear it on their body and keep the remote control switch in their pocket from where they can easily switch it on and current starts to flow through their body, the moment the attacker touches her he gets an electric shock of 220 volts," he explained on the functioning of the device and its use.

The device uses an electronic circuit which has a transistor, a transformer, a little length of electric wire, a battery to power the device and remote control switch to operate the device.

On being asked if the wearer of the device would get harmed or receive an electric shock, Dhundi replied in the negative.

He claimed the device's battery with a single charge of three hours retains the charge for 60 hours.

Dhundi's innovation came to light after he gave a demonstration of his device at a function in his college recently.

Earlier too, this village lad was in news for having generated electricity from old Rs 500 and 1000 currency notes.

Lachhman Dhundi, Student