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26 April 2019

Snigdha Chandan Dash

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Bhubaneswar: The city and public are safe because the cops work round-the-clock, on most of the occasions way beyond their duty hours. Very often the work done by our men in uniform goes unnoticed. They risk their lives leaping into dangerous territories to crack cases and book criminals.

One among many such successful efforts by the Twin City police was recognised by Twin City Police Commissioner Satyajit Mohanty on Friday. The case refers to terror unleashed by a gang of highway robbers who were active on the National Highway 16 running through the State Capital.

Few days back a mobile PCR team of the Khandagiri police station rushed to the distress call of a truck driver who was looted by this gang. The alert PCR van staff followed the miscreants, nabbed them and recovered the stolen items in the dead of the night.

The members of the PCR team: Hemanta Mohanty, Mukunda Nila, Sanjaya Pradhan and Sudipta Pradhan were felicitated for their brave efforts by the Police Commissioner on this occasion.

Mohanty also felicitated Infocity police and Badagada police station staffers for their efforts in cracking serious cases in the recent past.

The Infocity police team included: Santosh Behera, Prasant Nayak and Manas Bhoi. Men from Badagada police station who were awarded on the occasion are:  Subrat Dash, Sanjeet Behera, Sarita Satapathy, Pravakar Acharya, Rajiv Nayak and Shri Kumar Siv Sankar.

Senior police officers Trinath Mishra, Amarendra Panda and Dilip Ku Swain were also felicicated on the occasion.

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Satyajit Mohanty, Police Commissioner, Twin City