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Odisha Phase-III Polls: Administrations Alert To Ensure Smooth Election

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22 April 2019


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Bhubaneswar/Dhenkanal: In view of the Phase-III poll of the ongoing general elections is slated tomorrow, respective district administrations are on high alert in a bid to ensure free, fair and peaceful election while the electorate has been appealed to turn out in maximum number to exercise their franchise as they are the pivotal part of our democracy.   

Talking to media, Khurda Sub-Collector Subhendu Sahoo informed, “All the polling officers of 111 Jaydev and 115 Jatani assembly constituencies have already been dispatched as well as reached their respective polling booths by evening yesterday. Today, movement of those polling officers within the Bhubaneswar municipality area is on. It is having three assembly constituencies like 112 Central, 113 North and 114 Ekamra. All parties have joined duty and received materials. Around 40% parties have already started their movement. They will be reaching by 3 pm.”

He stated, “All necessary arrangements for tomorrow’s polling have been made. Police arrangement has also been over. For the vulnerable booths we have CCTV cameras, micro observers and web casting. Some booths will be having videography. Administration is alert to ensure smooth election tomorrow.”   

Similarly, Dhenkanal Collector-cum-Returning Officer Nikhil Pavan Kalyan also briefed media, “Yesterday there was dispersal of the polling parties. All have reached the polling booths safely despite the rain and thunderstorm. There wasn’t any unwanted incident. The Sector Officers are properly monitoring. They will be resolving any issue even the small ones like disconnection of electricity, water supply, etc. We are ready hundred percent for tomorrow’s polling and conducting proper election.”

He also informed, “We have 40 model booths in the district, 4 booths will be exclusively presided by only women. There are 110 critical booths identified earlier in coordination with SP as per the Poll Observer’s comments. We have further added some more basing on local and CEO dynamics. We are also multiplying force, arranged web casting, CCTV coverage, videography, increased micro observers to 75 against the previous 40. So we are not keeping anything unturned. In case of last minute change, we have equipment and can provide last minute force and manpower.”

“I request all to cast vote in maximum number. It’s our duty, it’s our right. We should get the right candidates for Dhenkanal. Let’s have a free, transparent and fair election, appealed the Dhekanal Collector.”

Dhenkanal SP Anupama Jams also briefed media, “We have made elaborate arrangement for the election. We have received 6 companies of force, out of which 4 companies of paramilitary and 2 companies from the State Armed Police. They have been split as mobile parties to touch every polling booth. We have deployed around 68 mobile parties, 22 sector officers and 9 mobile parties using motor cycles to cover the total 1020 booths.”

She also informed, “We have five divisions of the whole district and DSP rank officers have entrusted to monitor. A very active control room has also been set up with all VHF facility. Our mobile parties have been provided with VHF for timely information.”

“We want the election goes peacefully, without any problem. We expect it to be very fairly and neutrally. We have been focusing on the vulnerable booths for which conducting flag march. We have also deployed a section of striking force of the paramilitary in the nearby outpost in case of emergency. Hence, there will be no problem,” ensured the Dhenkanal SP.

Bhubaneswar (Central) assembly constituency Polling Officer Mahamaya Pradhan told OMMCOM NEWS, “We have been well-trained and well-prepared. We’re going to discharge our duty for the nation. Hence, feel very proud. It all seems that there is no chance of EVM glitches this time. If happens, we have been trained how to solve. Sector Officer and Observer are there to help us.”

“We must cast our vote because we are the citizens of our nation and it is our fundamental duty and right. Hence, we need to choose our right candidate,” she remarked.

Bhubaneswar (North) assembly constituency Polling Officer Jitu Samantray told OMMCOM NEWS, “We have undergone training in three phases. Besides, a manual has been given for our preparation at home. A handbook has been given to the presiding officer. For extra information we can also refer from the Election Commission website.”

“In case of any glitches in the EVM, we have to intimate our concerned Sector Officer. The Sector Officer will provide us with the alternate EVM,” he informed.

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Subhendu Sahoo, Sub-Collector, Khurda

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Nikhil Pavan Kalyan, Collector, Dhenkanal

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Anupama Jams, SP, Dhenkanal

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Mahamaya Pradhan, Polling Officer, Bhubaneswar (Central)

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Jitu Samantray, Polling Officer, Bhubaneswar (North)