Odisha PCC Releases Party's Poll Promise “NYAY” For India’s Poor Population, Poverty Eradication Measure

26 March 2019

Mohammed Ishtiyaque

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Bhubaneswar: A day after Congress president Rahul Gandhi announced the party’s claimed to be historic step of ‘NYAY’ [Nyunatam Ayay Yojana (Minimum Income Guarantee Scheme) for the poor and disadvantaged of India if Congress is voted to power at the Centre after the general elections, Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) today released it in detail.

The PCC statement issued today claimed, “Congress promises ‘NYAY’ to the poor people of India and it is world’s largest poverty eradication measure. The Congress party is committed to eradicate poverty in this country and ‘NYAY’ will be the final assault on poverty.”

Convening a press meet here at the Congress Bhawan today, PCC president Niranjan Patnaik said, “Poorest 20% of families will be guaranteed Rs 72,000 a year. This Rs 72,000 will be deposited directly in the bank accounts of the women. Five crore families will be benefitted by this historic step. This means that 25 crore people (5 crore families X 5 members) shall be benefitted.”

He added, “No existing social welfare scheme shall be disconnected. No existing subsidies shall be slashed.”

He further stated, “Congress-UPA implemented Mahatma Gandhi NREGA that lifted 14 crore people out of poverty. NYAY will help 25 crore people out of poverty. Congress party has done it before and we are the only party that shall do it again. No other country in the world has done it ever.”

“NYAY has been conceived by a team of leading economists. Contours and details of the scheme shall be announced in the next few days. The fiscal repercussions of this have been analysed. This money is perfectly available within the size of our economy. This scheme is perfectly doable,” the PCC president claimed quoting AICC.

Begging vote for the grand old party, the Congress press release stated, “It is a vote for fulfilling the aspirations of the poor and deprived of our nation, for ensuring that they live a life of honour, dignity and prosperity.”

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Niranjan Patnaik, president, OPCC