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16 August 2019


Mayurbhanj:  This diktat was given to a tribal man Kandra Soren in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district who had lost his wife three days earlier to an attack of jaundice. Though her body is lying on the village ground, his husband is denied permission to take the body to crematorium for last rites and the reason is that he is unable to pay the bride amount decided by her family and villagers.

Notably, Kandra had a love marriage with Parbati. As per tribal customs, he was to gift the bride’s family some goodies like a cow, a bull, drinks, etc amounting to around Rs 20,000.

Kandra had been procrastinating the issue for quite some time but fate had different plans for him. Parbati had a jaundice attack and lost her life. And amusingly, as Kandra was not able to give the bride amount, he was prohibited from performing last rites of his wife by his father-in-law and the villagers.

This inhuman atrocity after 73 years of independence was reported from Kuchei village under Kuliana police limits in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district.

As per latest reports, the police have reached the spot to take stock of the situation. They have acted as a mediator and have made arrangements for a dignified funeral for Parbati.

But this incident clearly comes as a great blow to humanity where the societal atrocity has crossed all the limits and people have forgotten to give dignity even to the dead. While death is perceived as the greatest loss in one’s life, such atrocities make it all the more unbearable.