Odisha Ministers Welcome CM’s “MO SARKAR” Initiative For Responsive Citizen-Centric Governance

16 August 2019

Debashish Maharana

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Bhubaneswar: In the wake of Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s ace announcement on the occasion of Independence Day to make the State Administration more accountable and responsive to the people, his cabinet colleagues have applauded the “MO SARKAR” initiative that is aimed at being more accountable and responsive.

The Chief Minister in his Independence Day address has assured people that he himself, his Council of Ministers, State and District Level senior officers will directly talk to the aggrieved citizens over phone and redress their grievances.  

In his media reactions, Odisha School & Mass Education (S&ME) Minister Samir Ranjan Dash said, “No question of identifying the aggrieved person. Today morning itself one citizen from Sambalpur, another from Nuapada and one more citizen from Kalahandi had phoned. They are trying to apprise us of their grievances. Whatever could be solved by then is done. If anything remains to be done, we collect information from our Department and message it to the aggrieved citizen.”

He further stated, “This measure is to create faith and confidence among the people that they are able to interact with the ministers and the ministers lending patient audience to them. It is very important and assumes significance for the State Administration.”

He also explained, “We will call the concerned officer. If any aggrieved citizen is there, we’ll talk to the citizen about grievances. As we don’t have the grievance with us, we can’t suo motu call the aggrieved citizen.”

“The announcement made by the Chief Minister has sent a message among the common men that their grievances can be presented directly to the ministers. That’s the message and the people are accordingly talking to us. We’ll try to solve their problems,” averred he.

Health Minister Naba Kishore Das stated, “Whatever decision taken by the Chief Minister and whatever is his dream, the duty of our department is to provide good health services to the people. When a phone call will be made to the people at the hospital enquiring about the services received there, it evinces transparency. We also simultaneously came to know about the problems in the hospital. We can take prompt action. This initiative will largely benefit the people of Odisha.”

He explained, “This is the best policy in our democracy. We have a system at the OPD by means of which the citizen’s mobile number will be noted. The same number will be passed onto our department, CM’s office, Health Minister, Director, Secretary. Suppose, I’ll be making about 20 calls a day, Secretary will be making calls to 20 people, Directors will be making calls to 10 people. It is only to the government hospitals.”

“I have started. CM’s office has also started. Everything is already on the job. Within very short period, you will get the result,” he asserted.

Rural Development & Labour Minister Sushanta Singh reacted, “Our phone is always on to attend the people’s grievances. We have no choice to call. Whoever calls us, we respond. Department’s number is also on display. In coming days, we will be displaying a number of the Labour Department. People can directly phone me too.”

“I have been enquiring about the problems from the elected representatives of the people. People of 147 assembly constituencies can also contact us through their local representatives. We are ready to listen to the people of Odisha,” he assured.

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Samir Ranjan Dash, Minister, S&ME, Odisha

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Naba Kishore Das, Minister, Health, Odisha

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Sushanta Singh, Minister, RD & Labour