Odisha: Man Held For Committing Fraud Via Marriage Portals

18 August 2019


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Bhubaneswar: Fraud via e-commerce websites has become a prevalent crime. But, have you heard of fraud via marriage portals like shadi.com, Bharat matrimony.com and a host of others? Yes, this has happened in Bhubaneswar.

Anup Kumar Satpathy, Chief General Manager of Central Region in Indian Railway Traffic Service, was looking for a groom for his sister. He stumbled upon a doctor's profile and contacted him.

"The person was registered as Dr Mishra at AIIMS. I conducted a background check and with the help of my contacts at AIIMS, Delhi, I found at that he was a fraud. I called him and reprimanded him over the phone for trying to cheat numerous gullible families," said Satpathy.

"He prompty deactivated this profile and created a new profile posing as a medical professor based at Bhubaneswar. He also spoke to me on phone acting as the father of the groom. I realised it was the same number and I threatened him of legal action," Satpathy narrated.

But, the fraud did not come to a halt there. He switched off his phone and created another profile of an IRS officer, claiming to be of 2015 batch, posted at Chandigarh. He engaged with Satpathy's sister's profile again. This time, he insisted on directly talking to the prospective bride.

"Discovering his reality,  I informed the matter to senior police officers, who laid a trap. He planned to meet my sister at a hotel on Saturday and accordingly the cops tracked and nabbed the masquerader," said Satpathy.

On further probe by Nayapalli police, it was found that his real name is Biranchi Narayana and he is a married man with two kids living in a rented accommodation in Bhubaneswar.

"There is no control or regulation on marriage portals. Unscrupulous, fraudulent and criminal elements register fake identities of grooms and brides and cheat unsuspecting potential partners. These portals must make proper authentic documents mandatory before registering any profile. Stringent action should be prescribed for violators," concluded Satpathy.

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Anup Satpathy, Chief General Manager, Central Region, Indian Railway Traffic Service