Odisha: Kangaroo Court Punishes Youth For Misbehaving With Minor

02 December 2019

Himansu Mohapatra

Dhenkanal: Taking the law into their hands, a local kangaroo court ordered a youth to be tied up to an electric pole and thrashed before handing him over to local police. The youth was apparently punished for allegedly misbehaving with a minor of the same village.

The incident reportedly occurred at Bedapada village under Rasol Police limits in Parjanga of Dhenkanal district.

As per reports, the youth was regularly misbehaving with a local girl who is a Class 9 student. Frustrated with his behaviour she approached her parents and the village elders. This kangaroo court was set up which decide to tie the youth to an electric pole, put a shoe garland on his neck and thrashed. He was then made to take a tour of the village in that state.

He was then taken to Rasol police station and handed over.

An onlooker shot the whole scene and the video soon made it to social media circles. The date and time of the incident is yet to be ascertained.