Odisha: Journalism Girl Student’s Ugly Encounter With Phone Snatchers & How She Put Up A Brave Fight

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23 March 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

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Bhubaneswar: Shattering the age-old notion about girls being physically weak, a young student in her twenties displayed exemplary courage today as she fought two phone snatchers. Dhritidipta Nayak, who is currently pursuing journalism at Utkal University, was put in a tough spot when two looters intercepted her way at VSS Nagar this morning.

Keeping her calm, she resisted their first move when one of them reached out to her face. Meanwhile, the other goon caught hold of her hand and tried to snatch her phone. Dhritidipta explained that her mobile phone was one of her most prized possessions. It had notes for her upcoming exams and she was dependent on it for getting through the day. She knew she had to put up a brave fight. Mustering all her might, Dhriti began a tug-of-war with the looters. After several minutes of physical altercation, the two goons finally got the better of her and fled with the phone.

However, Dhriti did not give up. Despite having a pounding heart, she managed to scream for help that raised an alarm. Fortunately, her college mate Rabi Mandal was passing by the same road. Getting a sense of the situation and seeing the miscreants escape on their bike, Rabi immediately put up a chase. He followed them till Sainik School area where they hit a truck and fell down from the bike.

Rabi said, “As soon as they met with an accident, they left the bike in that spot and made their escape way through the nearby slum. Unfortunately, the phone was in their pockets.” He also said that he heard the intoxicated goons talking about launching an attack on him with a sharp weapon.

Dhriti and Rabi went on to file a complaint in Saheed Nagar police station regarding the entire ugly encounter. In their media reactions, the nervous youths said, “We did whatever we were capable of doing. But, such anti-social elements are creating a fear of atmosphere in the capital city.”

“For some days now, I will definitely feel scared to leave the house alone,” Dhriti concluded.

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Dhritidipta Nayak

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Rabi Mandal