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Odisha: Is This The Spirit Of Independence Day Celebration Or Compulsion?

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16 August 2019


Kandhamal:    A video is doing rounds on social media in which one can see a primary school teacher and his aide crossing an overflowing river (with current) to reach to the school’s celebration of Independence Day.

This appalling incident is captured by an onlooker in Bigadi village of Gundibadi panchayat, Nuagaon block in Odisha’s Kandhamal district.

In the video, it is seen that Lalu Malik, a teacher in Badali Primary School is holding a wire, and wading through the overflowing Badagi river with chest-deep water to make it to the Independence Day celebrations in school. Closely behind him, an aide follows him with a bundle of clothes tied to his head so that they can change before attending the celebration.

A serious question arises in the minds of the viewers after watching the video. Are the teachers so patriotic that they don’t bother about their life to participate in the school celebration or is it under some compulsion that they are taking such a risk?

Though OMMCOM NEWS was unable to reach the teacher or the concerned school authorities for clarification, but the visuals were enough to make one understand the level of coercion on the teachers.