Humanity Takes Front Seat As Jawan Saves Injured Naxal

03 September 2019

Panchanan Dash

Malkangiri: District Reserve Guard (DRG) Jawans won hearts when they put humanity ahead of everything else and saved a severely injured Naxal. During a regular combing operation, the Naxal got injured due to a land mine that he had himself planted. The Jawans carried him all the way to hospital for four kilometers.

The incident occurred at Nagalunda forest range near Sukma district at Odisha-Chattisgarh border. The DRG Jawans were undertaking a regular combing operation in the said area.

The Naxals, upon knowing about the combing operation, laid a series of land mines in the Jawan’s route. Accidentally, one of the mines blasted during planting and left one Naxal severely injured. His co-conspirators left him and fled from the scene.

The security personnel got apprised of the situation and now moved ahead with caution. When they reached the site of the blast they found a wanted Naxal, Bhima Madkami, in a critical condition.

The Jawans decided to help him and carried the injured Naxal in a makeshift stretcher for four kilometres to the hospital. They even had to wade through waist deep water to reach nearest hospital.

The security personnel yet again proved that they not only signify bravery but also humanity and patience.