Odisha Holds 2-Day Conference To Ensure “Health Service For All”

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Bhubaneswar: A two-day ‘Annual Chief District Medical and Public Health Officers' Conference on priority programmes and schemes under National Health Mission & State Budget’ began today in a bid to ensure ‘Health Service To All’.

The crucial conference is being hosted by Odisha Health & Family Welfare (H&FW) Department at RD Conference Hall of State Secretariat here.

In his media reactions on the inaugural occasion, Odisha Health & Family Welfare Minister Naba Kishore Das said, “If the people of Odisha are happy with the healthcare service, I’m also happy. Healthcare for all is the dream of our hon’ble Chief Minister.”

He informed, “At this conference, we are to examine the achievements of our department as well as accept the suggestions and advice from all the CDMOs (Chief District Medical Officers).”

“What will be our department’s 2025 vision for Odisha? What is our plan of action for the next 100 days of deadline? Ours is going to become a surplus State in doctors. Besides, there will be cancer hospital and various medical colleges, including at Puri, within a time limit and how to achieve it? And, our slogan is ‘Free Health Service To All’. We are to ensure that the Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana (BSKY) is accessible to all the people of Odisha,” stated the Health Minister.

He further informed, “Apart from all these topics, we have on agenda lots of other topics to be discussed. NHM Additional Secretary from the Centre is attending the symposium. I hope Odisha will be benefitted from his coordination. Hence, the chief aim and objective of this conference is Health Service for All in Odisha”.

In his key note address, the Health Minister of Odisha said, “Our Government is in the process of formulating one State Health Policy and vision for 2025 which will be a unique step in health service for that I request all the CDMOs to receive suggestions mainly from Gaons (villages).

“Our Government is people’s Government and it is committed to make all steps for fulfilling the health care needs for people of Odisha through shifting focus from fragmented service delivery approach to comprehensive and determined for quality health care and health rights based on transferring Odisha by 2025 as :-

1.      Plan for 100 days for health care

2.      My State will be surplus State in the field of doctors and paramedics.

3.      And determined to adopt health care technology to use of information and publication technology.

4.      Quality public health ‘Gaon’ to ‘Sahar’ (PHC to DHH)

5.      And we are going to start time care approach for availing all levels from ‘Gaon’ to ‘Sahar’ including Trauma and service,” he mentioned.

“I am concluding with a big hope that, our Government’s vision for 2025 with the blessing of people of Odisha and guidance of our Hon’ble Chief Minister to fulfill his dream for health service to all and ‘ODISHA BASI KHUSI TA MU BI KHUSI’ and for that I need all of you will work together to achieve this vision 2020-25,” stated the Health Minister of Odisha.

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Naba Kishore Das, Minister, Health, Odisha

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Manoj Jhalani, Joint Director, NHM