Odisha Govt Needn’t Get So Elated At Telengana’s Support For Polavaram: Leader Of Opposition

02 December 2017

Mohammed Ishtiyaque

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Bhubaneswar: A day after Telengana Deputy Chief Minister Kadiyan Srihari met Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and extended Telegana Government’s support in the ongoing fight against neighbouring Andhra Pradesh over the contentious Polavaram dam project, Odisha Leader of Opposition slammed the State Government here for doing politics on the issue and advised not to be so much excited.

In his reactions on Saturday, Leader of Opposition Narasingha Mishra alleged that Odisha Government has not sought cooperation of opposition parties on the Polavaram row.

In his media reactions, he said, “State Government hasn’t sought cooperation of the Opposition nor has made any joint effort over the issue in coordination with the opposition parties.”

“Till date the State Government is unable to even provide exact data and information on the project. It is yet to make it clear what the quantum of loss would be caused to Odisha and the areas to be affected if Polavaram is constructed,” he remarked adding, “Polavaram agreement was earlier done by Odisha with Andhra and also its case is pending in Supreme Court.”

Slamming the BJD-led Odisha Government, the senior Congress leader commented, “Hence, the State Government shouldn’t deem that they have won the case after Telengana’s support and shouldn’t get so excited over it.”

“Several ways are there for politicking and BJD is politicising the issue accordingly,” the Leader of Opposition lampooned.

Odisha BJP vice-president Sameer Mohanty lambasted, “The State Government here is making Polavaram a byepass route to hush up its 17-year-old inefficiency and to evade the glaring problems of farmers and agriculture in the State here.”

On the contrary, BJD spokesperson Prashant Nanda defended, “All requisite data and information are available with the State Government. The case is sub judice in Supreme Court. Telengana Deputy Chief Minister hadn’t come for Polavaram issue. But during discussion with our Chief Minister, he apprised that they support Odisha over the Polavaram issue.”

Notably, Telangana Deputy Chief Minister Kadiyan Srihari on Friday made a courtesy call on Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik and announced that Telagana Government stands for Odisha’s cause on the Polavaram issue.

In his media reactions on Friday soon after his meeting, Srihari had told that Telengana has already made its stand clear and is with Odisha Government as far as Polavaram project is concerned as both Telangana and Odisha are equal losers in Polavaram and both share a common understanding on the issue.

Need to be mentioned that Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has repeatedly written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi not to allow construction of the Polavaram irrigation project until all pending issues are resolved.

Odisha CM has also pointed out that the project has been taken up by the Andhra Pradesh Government unilaterally much before the Central Water Commission (CWC) clearance. The letter to the Prime Minister also states that the Polavaram project will submerge a large number of villages in Odisha belonging to Scheduled Tribes.

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Narasingha Mishra, Leader of Opposition, Odisha

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Sameer Mohanty, Vice-President, BJP, Odisha

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Prashant Nanda, Spokesperson, BJD