Odisha: Fourth Saturday Declared As General Holiday For State Govt Employees

22 June 2019


Bhubaneswar: In a bid to improve efficiency in administration and make it more citizen-centric the State Government has announced fourth Saturday of every month as a holiday.

The day to day working hours of Government offices has been fixed from 10 am to 5:30 pm with a lunch break of half an hour from 1:30 pm to 2 pm.

While the fourth Saturday of every month will be a general holiday for the State Government employees, it would be a working day for the Heads of the Offices at all levels of the administration.

As per a communiqué issued by the General Administration Department, the step has been taken for better implementation of the 5-T policy of the Government.

"The first half of every fourth Saturday which has been declared as a general holiday shall be devoted by the Heads of Offices at all levels of the State Government for deliberating on implementation of five Ts, and for training and brainstorming sessions relating to innovative ideas for progress and development of the State," the GA Department note added.