Odisha: E-Challan Devices For Traffic Enforcement To Enhance Transparency

30 September 2019


Bhubaneswar: In a bid to enhance road safety the Odisha Police Odisha police moved the Transport Department for providing 500 e-challan devices to be distributed in different districts.

These e-challan devices are used for collecting fines from traffic rule violators under relevant provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act 2019, in an open and transparent manner.

The 500 e-challan devises were recived on September 26 and were subsequently distributed among police stations in different districts. The maximum number of devices was provided to the Commissionerate of Police.

In order to acquaint police officers to use these android based e-challan devices, a training programme has been conducted at Range levels with the help of Commerce and Transport Department, RTOs, SBI and the vendor.

The capacity building excercise was taken up within three days til September 29. Nodal officers have been designated by the districts for the purpose of creating IDs for each device.

To further improve the database and make the enforcement effective, applications like SARATHI and VAHAN have been integrated with the device. The police officers can now find out ownership details, license and also information about repeat offenders.

The State Police stated that use of e-challan device for the purpose of compounding offences under the new MV Act 2019 will bring in transparency in a big scale.