Minor girl allegedly gang raped by 8-10 miscreants in Rourkela

Odisha: Criminals Using Toy Pistol & Chili Powder To Loot People Nabbed By Commissionerate Police

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25 March 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

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Bhubaneswar: Commissionerate Police arrested four hardcore criminals today who used to loot people by brandishing toy pistol and throwing chili powder at the unsuspecting victims early in the morning.

Twin City Commissioner of Police Satyajit Mohanty said, "Within the last month, robbery and snatching cases have increased in the city. Following this, we increased blocking and patrolling during morning walks time. In this way, Badagada police has been successful in catching a gang who were constantly looting people early in the morning. While 4 persons of this gang have been arrested, two others have fled this scene."

Bikes, toy pistol, chili powder and sharp weapons have been seized from their possession. Based on their confessions, more raids are being conducted by the Bhubaneswar Urban Police Department.

Briefing the media on the miscreants' modus operandi, Mohanty said, "Every morning 2-3 criminals in a bike would approach morning walkers. The miscreants were mostly in intoxicated state. They would brandish a toy pistol or even throw chilli powder to threaten the people so that no one resisted their bid. This gang operated in Lingaraj, Badagada, Laxmi Sagar, and Puri road areas."

The accused are involved in more than 20 cases in different Police Stations, said the Commissioner.

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Satyajit Mohanty, Commissioner of Police, Twin City