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Odisha: Commuters Welcome New MV Act, Urge Govt To Raise Awareness

05 September 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

Bhubaneswar: With the new Motor Vehicle Act being implemented with full force, Indian commuters are facing problems in adjusting to the stringent and binding traffic rules. People in Bhubaneswar have welcomed the new traffic penalties and said that it would check vehicular accidents.

However, the public urged the State Government to raise awareness on the new rules and penalties by erecting hoardings, newspaper and television advertisements. Besides, a majority of them who came to Bhubaneswar from far flung places complained of not being aware of the new MV Act and appealed for relaxation.

“I had come to the city for an urgent work and have limited money to execute it. Today, I shelled out all my cash towards penalty. It was due to lack of awareness,” a man who came from a remote village in Cuttack said.

A businessman complained that he was not aware that seat belt is mandatory for the passenger on front seat. “We will abide by the rules and we understand that these are for our safety. But the new rules and fine amount should be properly displayed at public places,” he said.

The collection of fines is shooting up day in and day out as the Commissionerate of Police and city-based RTOs have adequately manned the routes. However, the public demanded that similar vigilance should be mounted on the by-passes at entry and exits of the Capital City.