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19 February 2019


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Jajpur: Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today visited Jajpur district and inaugurated as well as laid foundation stones for a lot of developmental projects for the people of Dasharathapur, Dharmashala and Binjharpur blocks.

Initiating his programme in the district, the Chief Minister inaugurated two projects built at an estimated cost of Rs 4 crore under Dasharathapur block.

The Inaugurated Projects are:

1) Boutara High School-Jadua High School Road

2) Guthunipada Bridge and Road

Also foundation stones were laid for seven projects to be built at an estimated cost of Rs 96.37 crore.

The Prominent Proposed Projects are:

1) Two bridges over Baitarani river at Duttapur and Nuapatana

2) Dewanipatana-Duhudisahi road and bridge for Brundabanpur-Saundi and Madarakhanda

3) Babalpur road

4) Dasharathapur Mega Water Supply Project

5) New Primary Health Centre (PHC) for Dakhinabandha

While 245 projects, built at an estimated cost of Rs 457 crore, were inaugurated in Dharmashala block, foundations were laid for nine projects to be built at an estimated cost of Rs 23.70 crore.

Inaugurated Projects:

1) Bridge over Badagenguti river along Nuahata-Khadianga road patch

2) Upgraded Express Way-Mahulkhali Road

3) Five upgraded roads: Barabati-Sabarasahi, Bajabati-Khunta, Baunsadola Chhaka-Uparagada, NH 200-Sorei and Gokarneshwar-Rampur stretches

4) Kalana Bridge

5) Aurangabad Pipe Water Supply Project

6) 100 ‘Ama Gaon Ama Bikash’ projects

7) 77 Anganwadi Centres

8) 30 Community Development Centres and various other projects

Foundations Laid:

1) Two bridges on Shagadia river along Shankha and Abhayapur-NH 16 road stretch

2) High Level Canal along the Dharmashala-Kabatabandha road and Imamnagar

3) Three road projects

4) Upgradation of Gadamadhupur-Panturi Canal Embankment

5) Bridge over Sagadia Nullah (stream) along Narasinghapur-Pipalidiha road

Similarly, the Chief Minister also inaugurated five projects built at an estimated cost of Rs 38 crore and dedicated them to the people of Binjharpur block while foundation stones were laid for two projects to be built at an estimated cost of Rs 3 crore.

Inaugurated Projects:

1) Three bridges at Kantitara, Argalkat and Bagamara

2) 33/11 KV Electricity Sub-Station at Bitana, Pritipur built at Rs 7.6 crore

3) Bangara Multi-Purpose Flood Shelter

Foundations Laid Projects:

1) Oleichandanpur Water Supply Project

2) Singhapur Primary Health Centre (PHC)

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Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister, Odisha