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Odisha Capital City Denizens Welcome Supreme Court’s Diwali Cracker Ban

06 November 2018

Bikash Das

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Bhubaneswar: Even though the centre of attraction on the ‘Festival of Lights’ has been the age-old practice of bursting high decibelled fire-crackers and despite the Supreme Court’s ban on it this year, the sensible and rational denizens of this capital city of Odisha have whole-heartedly welcome the apex court’s judicious verdict keeping in view the safety and well-being of one and all.

Senior citizen from Nayapalli Sudarshan Sahoo said, “This Diwali fire-cracker bursting will be between 8 pm to 10 pm. Supreme Court has banned not to burst any sound pollution and air pollution causing fire-crackers. By doing so, pollution can be checked. Loss of life and property can also be saved.”

In her reactions, Baramunda area-based school teacher Harapriya Moharana said, “Bursting of high decibelled and sound pollution-causing fire-crakers have been banned. It is disturbing study hours and ailing persons. Fire crackers causing no harm should be preferred for the safety and well-being of all.”

Bhubaneswar denizen Sthitapragnya reacted, “Supreme Court has certainly taken into deep consideration of all the aspects, pros and cons. Be it the pollution factor, be it the elderly and senior citizens or the children. But, as it is a festival and people have been used to the practice for years together, we’re compelled to purchase those safe items meant for the children.”

He opined, “As we are demanding those banned items, the shopkeepers are providing us. If we don’t demand, there is no question of sale of those banned items. Suppose, the fire-cracker seller has the high decibel fire-crackers and no customer demands for it, it can never be sold.”

Baramunda area-based fire-cracker seller Ghanashyama Sahu said, “As the high decibelled fire-crackers have been banned for the sake of pollution and safety of the society, we are selling now of low quality that won’t cause any harm. The sound will be very low.”

“This year, demand is high for ‘kumpi’, ‘phooljhari’, ‘chakri’ and ‘pencil’ (kalaedoscopic colour emitting cracker) types of items. They cause no sound pollution.” he informed.

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Vox Pop on Supreme Court's Ban on Diwali Cracker