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Odisha Bans Entry Of Middlemen, Agents In RTO Offices

28 September 2019

Debashish Maharana

Bhubaneswar: Transport department in Odisha is all set to stamp out  influence of middlemen/agents from Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) across the State and create a people friendly ambience in these offices.

Transport Commissioner Sanjeeb Panda on Friday has issued a letter to all Regional Transport Officers in this regard.

The Commissioner while admitting that in almost all the RTO offices there are a number of agent/middlemen operating and harassing the public for various services, thus not having a people friendly ambience and easy access to various services, has banned entry of agents/middlemen into RTO offices, testing centres under their control.

The letters directs RTOs to lodge FIR against any agent/middlemen entering in the above mentioned office premises in the nearest police station under section 188 IPC for violating the order.

The Commissioner in his letter has listed a slew of steps to be taken to free the RTOs from the influence of middlemen/agents.

The steps are:

1. Notice should be displayed prohibiting agents/middlemen to enter into the office premises testing tracks. In case agent / middle man is found loitering outside the premises, local Police should be informed for necessary action. All the gomutis / temporary huts etc. erected inside the office premises or on the side of boundary wall on government land needs to be dismantled with the help of local authority.

2.Instruct all your office staff, personnel engaged through service providers and Smart Chip Ltd in your office not to entertain any agent/middle men both inside the office premises and outside for any official work.

3. All the personnel working in your office should be provided with ID Card of different colours as given below: (i) Blue- Band for Government Employees.

       (ii) Green- Band for Employees engaged by service provider

       (iii) Yellow- Band for Employees of Smart Chip Ltd

All of them must conspicuously display the Identity Card in the office

4. There should be large signboards/ wall paintings showing different services provided by your office with the rate chart (Government fee, service charge etc)

5. e-KISOK should be installed in all RTO Offices, if not installed so far for the convenience of the public You may deploy student volunteers to provide assistance to the public. You may also engage volunteers to assist the people.

6. CCTV may be installed inside your office and premises if not installed so far.

7. Help desk may be strengthened to provide assistance to the public.

8. In case of any threat or disturbances from middle men/agents side, the local S P may be contacted for Police Assistance.

9. Awareness message may be displayed for public to contact only authorized officials of RTO offices and not to come through any middle man or agent.

10. Citizens may be requested to report about activities of agents/middle men to reach out to State Transport Authority through the Twitter handle "©STA0disha", Facebook Page 'State Transport Authority Odisha' and help desk No 1800 345 1073.

11. You are to act immediately as per the above instructions.