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Odisha: Baha'i Youth Conference Held In Sundargarh

14 October 2019


Bhubaneswar: A four-day Baha'i Youth Conference was held in Kulta which ended on Sunday. A total of 70 youths participated from 16 clusters of Western Odisha.

The gathered youth consulted on ways that they could refine their characters and prepare to assume responsibility for the well-being of their neighbourhoods and towns. They also committed to work on being more loving, kind, and respectful, and to walk with others in a path of service.

By the third day of the conference, the concept of living a life of service had been so well understood that the youths decided to clean the premises of the conference hall.

The junior youth spiritual empowerment program gives them the "tools needed to combat the forces that would rob them of their true identity as noble beings and to work for the common good.”