Odisha Assembly Budget Session Day 1: Opposition Congress Protests Governor’s Speech, Walks Out

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04 February 2019

Debashish Maharana

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Bhubaneswar: While the vital Budget Session of Odisha Assembly began today and Governor Prof Ganeshi Lal had his customary speech on the inaugural day, main opposition Congress MLAs boycotted the significant session protesting against it and walked out of the House.

In his media reactions, senior Congress legislator Narasingha Mishra said, “We walked out of the House today protesting against the Governor’s speech.”

He alleged, “A person plays the role of a preacher outside the House while inside the House turns protector. It is unjust as we deem. Being in a constitutional post, no person should resort to party politics.” “Unnecessarily singing the paeans of the government is meaningless,” he remarked.

BJP MLA Pradeep Purohit also reacted, “The State Government has explained its developmental activities written in a 50-page book through the Hon’ble Governor. A Governor is limited to such a sphere of constitutional power and he is bound down to read out.”

“I think the Hon’ble Governor himself might be self-realising that he was hesitant to do so, but had to do under the constitutional compulsion. The colourful dream of the State Government was listed out today through the Governor. However, such dreams and all out efforts for the 2019 election will fall flat.”

On the contrary, Government Chief Whip Amar Prasad Satpathy defended, “As per the statutory norms, the Hon’ble Governor has to state the activities and achievements of the State Government. Similarly, the Hon’ble President also reads out the activities and achievements of the Union Government in the Parliament. Later on, the budget speech is discussed in the Parliament. Also it will be discussed in our House here.”

He asserted, “Good governance has been reflected under the rule of Naveen Patnaik. This has been presented in the Hon’ble Governor’s speech. It is the real picture of Odisha. Odisha is a developed State.”

“Who won’t agree with our success in the field of sports? There has been World Cup Hockey, Bhubaneswar became smart city, our State has won Krushi Karman award and also award for disaster management. These are all in records. Certainly, Odisha has earned a name and fame for being a developed State not only in India, but also outside the nation,” the Government Chief Whip argued.

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Narasingha Mishra, Senior Congress MLA, Odisha

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Pradeep Purohit, MLA, BJP, Odisha

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Amar Prasad Satpathy, Govt Chief Whip, Odisha