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Odisha: 95-Year-Old Mother Abandoned By Affluent Children Now Seeks Govt Help

24 November 2019

Himansu Mohapatra

Dhenkanal: Mother of six well-settled children, Rangabati Prusty (95), is now living her life in an ashram and with the assistance of strangers who have become her family.

Gradually losing her ability to see or hear properly, Rangabati alias Ranga has all but lost hope of ever meeting her children who abandoned her after taking the property she and her husband had amassed in their lifetime. Finding no use of her anymore they dumped her.

Ranga’s eldest son, Lingaraj, at a very young age, had given up the worldly life and opted for sainthood. It is in his ashram where she is housed currently.

It is getting difficult even for Lingaraj (75) to look after his mother. The neighbours or ashram’s workers lend a hand and look after the ailing nonagenarian.

Speaking to OMMCOM NEWS on this disturbing pattern, Advocate Abani Ballav Rout said, “The lady can take the help of law and definitely approach the Legal Aid which works for people in such situations. This will be free of cost.”

Further elaborating he said, “With moral conscience children must look after their parents and if they don’t then parents can approach the family court and claim maintenance. And if they abuse the parents, then under Domestic Violence Act, they could be prosecuted. They could also be prosecuted under IPC Section 420 if the children take the parents' property by any means of cheating.”

Ranga has approached the District Collector seeking intervention and aid in any manner that the Government or the administration can provide for.

Sociologists claim that the definition of family is transforming from all-inclusive to "me, my wife and my kids", hence the new generation is turning a blind eye to their parents. A generation brought up by parents facing all the odds and hardships to give them a good education now believes their lives are complicated if their parents continue to live with them.

Rangabati Prusty

Abani Ballav Rout, Advocate

Ashram Workers