Nuapada Student Designs Women Safety Device, Can Shock Attacker With 220V Jolt

24 December 2019

Ommcom News

Nuapada: A student of BSc (Physics) 2nd year of Nuapada has invented a wear-on security system, concerning women safety.

Lakshman Dundi studies at Lokadrusti College of Advanced Technology (LCAT) under Sambalpur University at Nuapada under Khariar block.

The young scientist got the idea of designing a safety device for women with frequent reports of harassment and rape of women. His device is like a belt that women can wear on their forearm and is connected to its transformer, transistor and battery to another small device.

With wireless remote in hand, a woman wearing the belt can activate the device when she faces an attack. The attacker will face a jolt of 220V of current giving sufficient time to the survivor to escape or call for help.

Being happy that his project has been successful, Dundi said, “I have been going around and giving demo of the device in other colleges. I sincerely hope that this device will help reduce harassment and rape cases in the state.”

Female students too expressed their happiness at this novel device and profusely thanked Dundi.

Lakshman Dundi

Female Students Thank Lakshman Dundi