Now Our Total Focus Is On Restoring Power Supply Soon: NDRF DG

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Bhubaneswar: After doing the commendable job of timely cutting all the fallen trees and clearing all obstacles from the roads and thoroughfares soon after the severe cyclonic storm FANI wreacked havoc on Odisha last week, the teams of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) are now totally focusing on restoring power supply soon.

The NDRF Director General (DG) is here in Odisha taking stock of the situation and reviewing the progress in consultation with the State Government.

Today he held a significant meeting with Odisha Chief Secretary at the State Secretariat here. 

Soon after the vital meeting, NDRF DG S. N. Pradhan told media, “After Kerala flood, the highest amount of deployment of NDRF has been made in Odisha. Our 50 teams have been pressed into action.”

He informed, “I have personally visited all the worst-affected five districts to gather ground level report. Also visited the interior parts where our teams are on job. Extensive damage has been caused and the restoration will take time.”

He further informed, “Our main focus is where the maximum damage has been caused because of the clear picture now. Maximum destruction has been noticed in Puri town, Bhubaneswar town, Khurda town and the peripheral villages. Our focus should be on these places.”

“Maximum teams of our NDRF have been engaged in power restoration. Because, cutting of trees is over and roads have been cleared for which traffic is free. Now our focus is on how power restoration is made soon,” the NDRF DG stressed. 

He added, “In consultation with the Chief Secretary, 15 gas cutters and 5 high-end plasma cutters (as they are sophisticated and can cut iron) have been ordered from Kolkata. Our six teams have come and are engaged in the power restoration job. In Puri, the six teams have been further divided into 12 teams and are clubbed with CESU. Those expert teams will also be engaged in Bhubaneswar and clubbed with CESU. Now our total focus is on restoring power supply soon.”

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SN Pradhan, DG, NDRF