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Now Apply For LL, DL In Any RTO Of Odisha

01 November 2019


Bhubaneswar: Citizens can now apply for grant of Learner's License (LL) or Driving License (DL) before any RTO in the State. Earlier one could apply only to the concerned RTO in whose jurisdiction the applicant was residing or had business, but now the region-wise restriction has been removed as per the amended Motor Vehicles Act. Entire Odisha is considered as one unit for the purpose of applying for LL, DL. 

This will help applicants not to apply in RTOs where there is longer queue and move to RTOs where there are fewer queues. Similarly one can apply for Registration of Motor Vehicle in any RTO of the State. One can also pre-book any registration number for the vehicle in any RTO of the state without residential restriction of concerned RTO. 

State Transport Commissioner Sanjeeb Panda has issued the instruction to RTOs in this regard in order to provide better citizen-centric service to the people.

Reportedly, more LLs have been issued in just two months compared to the whole year 2018 after the introduction of Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019. All the RTOs of Odisha have issued 3.51 lakh Learner’s License in the month of September and October 2019.  Whereas in the whole year 2018, only 3.48 lakh LLs were issued in the State. 

During September to October 2018 only 52 thousand LLs were issued and thus the issue of LL has jumped more than six times compared to the same period of the previous year. 

Under the direction of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, the Transport Commissioner has taken various steps to increase testing capacity by providing more computers, conducting camps in far off places, opening of Office beyond office hour and in Holidays, reducing test slot duration. 

Transport Commissioner has requested the persons with LL to apply for DL after one month of getting the LL.  During September-October, RTO Bhubaneswar-1 has issued 35 thousand LLs followed by Ganjam 23 thousand, Bhubaneswar-II 20 thousand, Cuttack 18 thousand and Balasore 13 thousand.  

State Transport Authority has also authorised 618 Pollution Testing Units to conduct the PUC test adding 378 units in last two months. Before September 1, 2019, there were just 240 authorized PTUs in the state and there was a huge queue in the PTUs. 

The State has allowed issue of both online and offline PUC certificate till December 31. However in the meantime 580 PTUs out of 618 have been connected in online mode with VAHAN server and about 10 lakh online PUC certificates have been issued to the vehicles in last two months.