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NITI Aayog: Odisha Suggests Crop Loan For Sharecroppers, Insurance For Horticulture & Fisheries Farmers

17 August 2019

Debashish Maharana

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Bhubaneswar: Odisha Government has suggested before the NITI Aayog to create provisions so that the sharecroppers could also be entitled to availing crop loan and the farmers dealing with horticulture and fisheries could also be covered under crop insurance benefits.

This was informed by Odisha Agriculture & Farmers’ Empowerment Minister Arun Kumar Sahoo today.

The Minister has returned from NITI Aayog’s yesterday’s high power meeting of Committee for Transformation of Agriculture. Representing Odisha, he has put forth certain demands of Odisha for the benefits of farmers.

Informing media he said, “We have given a suggestion so that the sharecroppers could avail crop loan from bank. Certain provisions in this regard should be made by the Central Government.”

He added, “Odisha has also demanded that the farmers depended on horticulture, livestock and fisheries should also be provided with crop loan. Also we have demanded to cover the farmers of livestock and fisheries under the crop insurance.”

Informing further, “The high power Committee for Transformation of Agriculture has also suggested how the farmers could make more and more use of technology. 8 States are the members in it. Two weeks of time has been given. Whatever suggestions we have given and also further suggestions to be compiled within the two weeks by the NITI Aayog,” Odisha Agriculture & Farmers’ Empowerment Minister said, “Final draft will be later submitted with the Central Government for implementation.”

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Arun Kumar Sahoo, Minister, Agriculture & Farmers' Empowerment, Odisha