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New MV Act To Be Re-Imposed From Today, Traffic Violators Beware

01 December 2019

Ommcom News

Bhubaneswar: As the time period of relaxation of the amended Motor Vehicles Act ended yesterday, the re-imposition from Sunday onwards means that any traffic violation can cause a huge dent in one’s pocket.

The relaxation was given to the public to ensure compliance with various provisions of the amended Motor Vehicles Act. It has been further extended for three months; however, there will be strict enforcement against dangerous life-threatening actions both the driver and the road using public) like drunken driving, over speeding, driving against the flow of traffic, using mobile phone while driving, dangerous driving, triple riding on two-wheelers, overloading, jumping red light, wearing of helmet, seat belt etc. and added that in case any motorist is found in contravention of any of the road safety provisions, the documents also will be checked. Punishment as mentioned in the clauses of the MV Act will be imposed.

Commerce and Transport Minister Padmanabha Behera had announced that this period should be used to avail necessary documents and citizens must ensure full compliance with the provisions of the MV Act.

The State Transport Commissioner said that in case where an offender is found to be involved in any one or more violations, the documents of the violating vehicle user be checked. Routine checking of documents in respect of vehicle users need to be avoided, unless input received regarding stolen vehicles etc., he added.

He further stated that at the time of checking, maximum three to four vehicles may be detained at a time to minimize the inconvenience to the public and ensure the normal flow of traffic.