New CB Analysis Wing Founded On 84th Odisha Police Foundation Day, Quality Probe & Enhanced Conviction Stressed

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01 April 2019

Bikash Sharma

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Cuttack: In a bid to improve the quality of investigation into the vital cases handled by the investigating officers (IOs) across the State and also putting utmost stress on the increase in conviction rate, Crime Branch (CB), on the occasion of 84th Odisha Police Foundation Day, founded its new Analysis Wing at the State Headquarters here today.

Briefing media, Odisha CID CB IGP Arun Bothra said, “The duty and responsibility of Crime Branch is to monitor important cases of the entire State as well as guide the IOs (investigating officers). Thus, we used to deliver that guidance through letter. After receipt of the letter, we used to get the case details and then we used to advise them how to pursue further. It was very time-consuming.”

He informed, “Now we have converted the process into video call method. Nowadays all possess Whatsapp and mobile phones. Hence, we are now choosing 10-12 important cases daily on the basis of our received reports and the concerned IOs are video-called on their mobile phones. 5-6 experts here discuss with the IOs and give the proper guidance. Naturally our IOs are giving out their efforts and doing well.”

“Now the communication has become easier. The instructions, that used to reach the IOs after a month or two, are now being given within 3-4 days. If the instructions are received soon by the IOs, the quality of the investigation will improve. We are taking up on priority basis mostly all heinous cases like murder, rape, gangrape, POCSO, NDPS, etc. We hope we could look after 20 cases daily if our technology improves. Thus, Odisha Crime Branch can directly intervene into 2,500 most important cases in a year,” the Odisha CID CB IGP stated.

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Arun Bothra, IGP, CID-CB, Odisha