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More Than 80% Bhubaneswar Residents Satisfied With Their Sex Life: Survey

02 November 2019


Bhubaneswar: A vast number of Smart City residents, 83.5 per cent to be exact, revealed that they were happy and satisfied with their sex lives with a large number willing to experiment in their bedrooms. This and many other bewildering revelations were made in the 17th Sex Survey conducted by the India Today group.

The India Today Sex Survey, 2019 was conducted encompassing all genders and professions. The sample was conducted across metro and smaller cities where the respondents were divided into three age groups- below 18, 18-26 and 27-40 where the minimum educational qualification was 12th pass.

Now the numbers from Bhubaneswar revealed the changing tides when it came to people becoming open-minded when it comes to sex. 

71.5 per cent of respondents said they were open to watching porn with their partners, while 81.5 per cent said they were fine with oral sex, 54.5 per cent were open to using dildos and vibrators and 40 per cent said they had fantasized about being in a threesome.

The survey results in other smaller cities like Indore, Chandigarh, and Jaipur unveiled the changing mindsets of the ‘smalltowners’. 

In Indore, 92.5 per cent of respondents reported that they were happy with their sex lives, with 85 per cent open to giving their partners sensual massages and 84.5 per cent quite happy to wake up to morning sex. Similarly, in Chandigarh over 37 per cent of respondents were open to having sex in public despite the risk of prosecution, as many as 62 per cent said they had taken Viagra or a similar medication, and 85 per cent fantasized about cheating their partners.

However, some data also suggested that sexual taboos are alive and kicking-for instance, 67 per cent of respondents from Jaipur said they change the subject or stop talking when the topic of sex comes up.

Coming to overall figures across India, less than a third of respondents were open to using sex toys, and more than half said that they still valued virginity in their partners. And about 40 per cent said they were not completely satisfied with their sex life. Going by these numbers, Bhubaneswar does seem to boast of more happy and experimentative citizens.