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18 August 2019


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Bhubaneswar: Papu Pom Pom has been in the news for all wrong reasons. Over the last few days, he has been receiving backlash for featuring in a movie poster that shows him controlling seven girls on a lease. Today, he has shared his side of the story.

In a social media post, he said, "This is all wrong.  I have mother and sisters. I would never do such a thing. Some miscreant has used a picture from the movie and made this poster. I have clarified with the producers and they said that the production house is not responsible. I cannot stay silent anymore. This is not an official poster."

"In the movie, I show a lot of respect to women and even praise Dutee Chand," he added. Ace sprinter Dutee was among the first ones to criticise the poster.

Production company Sidharth Music also posted, "We hereby clarify that the poster has not been published by us. Also we would like to mention the below points about the movie:

1) The theme of the viral poster and the theme of our movie are diametrically opposite

2) In our film the character of Papu is in love with only one girl and not with 7 girls.

3) From the beginning to end of the movie Papu has been showcased as a character that is virtuous enough to help girls in distress as well as show them lots of respect.

The viral post has no relevance to the story of our movie. We always believe in healthy entertainment."

Meanwhile, Anup Sahoo, Bhubaneswar DCP, said "FIR has been lodged at Mahila Police station. Action will be taken as soon as the investigation reveals who made the poster."

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Anup Sahoo, DCP, Bhubaneswar