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Miniature Ganesh Idols By Odisha-Based Artist Raise Awareness On Pollution

01 September 2019


Bhubaneswar: A day ahead of Ganesh Chaturthi, miniature idols of the Lord has been created by L Eshwar Rao of Jatni in Odisha to raise awareness on plastic and sound pollution.

Rao has created a 'medha' with discarded plastic bottles, cups and use and throw pens. Through this he wants to give a message on how plastic can be reused to create beautiful items.

In the medha he has placed various idols of Lord Ganesh made with clay, which can be seen playing various traditional instruments. With this, Rao wants to draw attention on how the Ganesh Chaturthi can be celebrated without the use of DJ that spreads sound pollution.

While the height of the medha is 10 inches, the Lord Ganesh idols stand at a height of three inches. It took Rao around two months to create the piece of art.

L Eshwar Rao, Miniature Sculptor, Odisha