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Meet This Tricolour Man On Independence Day

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15 August 2019

Snigdha Chandan Das

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Bhubaneswar: Several Indian children have taken birth on the auspicious occasion of nation’s Independence Day (August 15) and one among them is this young man from Odisha. He has inculcated a sense of patriotism since his childhood as claimed and has also developed a great love for the Tricolour (national flag). Through it he wishes to instill patriotism in fellow countrymen.

Meet Mangaraj Mohanty from Odisha’s Nayagarh district’s nondescript Balipatna village. He is currently an employee of the Maruti Showroom here.

OMMCOM NEWS came across of him at the mega exhibition on Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi being organized by Odisha Government at the sprawling IDCO Exhibition Ground here marking the 150th Birth Anniversary celebrations from Independence Day till October 2 this year.   

In his reactions, Tricolour Man Mangaraj said, “All address me ‘Swadhin’ as my birthday is on August 15. Hence, I wish to celebrate will all my brethren of Odisha.”

He stated, “When the three colours of this flag are viewed, they make one pleasant and feel the mind with inspiration and aspirations. Great freedom fighters like Gandhi, Gopabandhu, Subhas Bose worked hard and persevered years together to free our motherland from the clutches of foreign rule.”

Mangaraj informed, “Every year I celebrate on the occasion of August 15 or January 26 or the day of any great man. I’m here proposing ‘I love you’ not by offering rose flower, but by offering our national flag.”

“For the last nine years I have been performing this. The first one was performed at Puri. Now for the last 5-6 years I am performing here at Bhubaneswar. I want to make all aware of the significance of the tricolor,” the Flag Man claimed.

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Mangaraj Mohanty, Nayagarh, Odisha