Meet This Selfless Cop Who Put Duty Ahead Of Family During Cyclone FANI

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17 May 2019


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Puri: Jatakishore Behera of Atharabhag village in Puri district is employed as a Home Guard in Pipili Police Station. During Cyclone FANI, his family members including a polio-afflicted daughter were terrified of the gusting winds and thundershowers. In such testing times, when there was impending danger on his weak house, Jatakishore decided to report for duty as helping people was his topmost priority.

“When I was leaving home at 5 am in the morning, my wife questioned me how I could leave them all alone. I explained to her that there should not be any harm to the people. Service to mankind is priority for me. If I serve the people, my state and my country, I will earn good name. I am ready to sacrifice everything for the well-being of people. I am even ready to sacrifice the lives of my family members,” he said.

In an irritated mood, Jatakishore parted ways with his wife. He reached Pipili police station and began his duty. From clearing trees to distributing relief, Odisha Police was involved in every step of relief and restoration work. Jatakishore dedicated himself wholly in the service of people and returned home two days later.

“Everything in my home was in ruins. Asbestos sheets had been torn apart. Parts of house had been blown away by the wind. Window and doors had broken. We were not able to cook anything for 3 days. I asked my wife to calm down and told her that God is there with us. I told my daughters that people were leading much more difficult lives than us,” he added.

Few days after the cyclone, Inspector-in-Charge of Pipili PS Sarat Sahu visited Jatakishore's house. He was shocked to see the condition of his family members and praised the constable for putting duty ahead of his family during such a vulnerable condition.

This was not the first instance of Jatakishore's selfless service. During 1999 Super cyclone too, he was on the field distributing relief. I feel proud to serve the people through the Police department,” he smiled and proceeded to fix the roof of his house.

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Jatakishore Behera, Home Guard, Pipili Police Station